Automated Verification of Vehicles at Entry/Exit in the Premises


Automated verification of vehicles at entry/exit in the premises will help organizations reduce dependency on manpower, chances of data manipulation and achieve higher productivity. Security personnel will have an option to validate and authorize entry/exit of any vehicle with pre-defined data such as name of the driver, contact number, email, company name, etc. mapped against the license plate number of the respective vehicle.

The solution involves:
⦁ Camera with Auxiliary In/Out Sensor
⦁ Boom Barrier Auxiliary In/Out Sensor Control
⦁ Data Related to all the Vehicles

Entrance: License plate of the vehicle will be verified against the database uploaded.
Security Cabin: Pre-defined data such as name of the driver, contact number and company name will be flashed on the screen with a video pop-up as soon as an authorized number plate is detected.

Boom Barrier: Camera will give a signal to the boom barrier to allow entry. Security guard will also have an emergency entry/exit button for any unregistered/registered vehicle.
Report: Reports can be generated of vehicles verified/unverified for auditing purpose with pictorial evidence.

Thus, Matrix VMS provides a comprehensive solution to make vehicle authorization process automatic with pre-defined data, to improve productivity and security in an organization.

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