Do we need 5G?


    Are you totally fed up with your Jio 4G LTE network speed ? Do you want another extreme high speed network ? Have you ever think about driving a racecar via VR or beaming 8k videos directly? then indulge yourself with this article as I’m going to unleash an extremely high speed technology “5G“. Most people using 4G LTE connection are tend to be satisfied with the speed they found while downloading songs or streaming videos online but in most of the cases 4G LTE fails to provide a reliable network for heavy internet usage such as 4k video streaming and we gradually end up in giving preference to WiFi connections !

    In every decade , telecommunications operators come up with a new technology highlighting 2G or second generation(1991), 3G or third generation(1998), 4G LTE (2008) and now these operators are working and giving top most priorities to the 5G technology which will be established by the year 2020.

    Now the question is , why do these companies are investing so much in the fifth generation or 5G technology ?

    Instead of 2G ,3G or 4G  which has frequency bands of around 700MHz ,800MHz ,1900MHz to 3600MHz . 5G   acquires extremely high range of frequency bands ranging from  28GHz , 37GHz, 39GHz, 42GHz to 60GHz. This range of frequency will be used in 5G  and is known as millimeter wave technology because if we increase frequency to it’s extent then the wavelength formed will be of few millimeters (Ranging from 10mm to 1 mm). But why we are using this technology ? The reason behind it is quite clear i.e; as we know while procuring a communication between a transmitter and a receiver there will be one positive and one negative impact when we tend to increase the frequency .

    Positive aspect would be that most of the data will easily be transmitted resulting in a faster connection and negative impact will be that the  signal drops which leads to attenuation loss or short range therefore it will not be able to transfer data across the walls which will eventually affect our lives . You might be thinking how ? Here the term short range means that for smaller areas mobile towers will be placed close to each other or we can say one tower each on every building which requires huge no. of sources with extra cost and you still have to be in coverage of towers installed at the top of every other building!

    Why do we need 5G?

    In the upcoming years we will be using a heavy amount of data with exceptional requirements of latency bandwidth and reliability where we can easily place a video call without any lags !5G embedded with low latency acquires the capacity of saving cost and time .For example , in smart cities which has wireless sensors such as security surveillance & digital security lock systems  5G meets the transformational expectations of connected devices

    Talking about 5G’s applications, it will establish a whole new real WiFi zoned world where anybody can access to a high speed network anywhere . A well known company AT&T is also making use of this millimeter wave technology of 5G in order to provide fixed line broadband connections to customers everywhere! . AT&T is therefore extending to Texas , Michigan , Indiana and more other cities for the trial of 5G wireless technology which apparently leads in  gaining essential facts about 5G.

    Some of the features of 5G are :-

    • Super high speed of about 1to 10 Gb/s.
    • Latency comprising of 1 millisecond.
    • Huge broadcasting data supporting 60,000 connections.
    • Capability of engaging itself with the other generations.
    • Ability to grab all networks together at a single platform.
    • A huge deduction will be observed in network energy usage.
    • Internet of things, augmented and virtual reality can be utilized by 5G .