Embedded system : Diversifying future


Our day to day activities are somehow being relatable to embedded system ( often considered as ambient intelligence in human life) .Embedded system merges the fields of engineering viz; electronics and computer science as the name itself suggests that it consists of both software and hardware design . In addition these systems are a major part of larger devices and requires the usage of both microprocessors and microcontrollers along with some special digital signal processors. According to a research approximately 98 percent of processor are in embedded system today !

It’s like having an Eagle’s eye in order to design and choose an appropriate combination of hardware and software components to attain speed ,efficiency etcetera. Whereas the main purpose of embedded systems are just to collect data ,store data and it’s monitoring

Cycle of embedded system design not only includes communication devices ,safety appliances but it also has an large effect on society & it’s mode of living and working . Most of our daily routine devices are nothing but embedded systems. Some of them includes Telecommunication ,Cruise control applications,Household application,Fire fighting robots and robotic arm ,Aerospace applications,Scientific equipments, Defense system

And yes! It also includes our mobiles ,tablet and even the calculators are categorized as embedded system !!

Embedded technology in security door lock systems :

A digital lock interfacing with an microcontroller. It is used to protect the security of houses , offices by providing doors with a security password! Basically by this , for entering and exiting from the door the person has to press *or # along with the respective password which results in opening or closing of door if the entered password matches with the one stored in microcontroller.

Why do we need embedded system?

They Perform a single set of function and are real time processors which means they Works in a time limiting environment.

Apart from these characteristics it also provides high performance and reliabilityand are Low in cost as they are produced in massive quantity!

Remunerative opportunities in the field of embedded technology :

Samsung : In an air conditioner functions will be controlled by the embedded device inside the air conditioner. This embedded device is going to be made up of a microcontroller and it’s hardware and software for smart temperature sensing

Siemens : Produces products in the field of electronics and automation.The products are doppler, radiology machines.

Bosch: Make products for automotive industry