Are Robots Replacing Humans?


    We admire a world where technological inventions simply take over in order to reduce human efforts. By centuries people have been thinking that humans will be robusts by robot. Technologies are being heavy on human minds as nowadays we are totally dependent on it . We are not able to exercise our own intelligence! Intelligence having its various forms can empower leading opportunities and every problem which is needed to be unfolded.

    Talking about “Hybrid human robot “this term is for the dreamers ,innovators,thinkers for those who wants to explore the unimaginative future. Imagining thousands of nano bots inside the brain augmenting our existing intelligence can possibly innovate a new world around us !

    Director of Google says that we human beings will be going under Artificial Intelligence by the year 2030. Human brain could be able to store information like a smartphone. It will be illogical then to put a phone inside your pocket when you will be having nano chips inside your brain .

    Robot : possessing the quality of creative actions

    Robots are conquering health related problems. Some of the nano bots are streaming through our blood , a magnetic manipulator is inserted in the body which can be moved with the surrounding magnetic fields . It helps in preventing some of the major diseases like cancer .

    A hotel in Japan named as Henn-na uses a robot to navigate guests towards their suits , to check people in, to set the room’s temperature . Apart from this various restaurant industries enabled robot use to deliver food , obviating the requirements of cashier and using tablets to order directly instead of talking to waiter. Despite of the evolution of technology leading to make humans machine-a-like . Humans possess several other traits which are irreplaceable by robots such as intelligence , sense of humour, ability to think rationally as well as irrationally.

    A recent research estimated that humans and robots will lead a life together through artificial intelligence by 2050 and approximately 50% of the jobs will be lost due to these technical improvements. Technological progresses and innovations are going to leave behind massive amount of people affected by artificial intelligence , m2m technology and robotics as it’s expanding vastly which will results in economical problems and looming crisis . Why so? Reason being simple that most of the companies have lesser number of workers who acquires creative and special skills within them and that’s the reason why robots and computers are accompanying the positions.